New leadership for Pennsylvania's 10th District


Raised near Liberty, Pennsylvania as the 6th generation to grow up on the same family farm, Scott’s experience in the private sector, expertise in energy and conservation, and rural heritage give him a unique perspective on the challenges facing the hard working families of rural Pennsylvania.

Scott's Principles:

bullet_star.png America must honor its obligation to support seniors and veterans.

bullet_star.png Strong publicly funded schools are a cornerstone of America’s greatness.

bullet_star.png A healthy US economy is the best engine for job creation. Congress needs to stop hurting the economy and killing jobs.

bullet_star.png Congress needs to better support hard working Americans.

bullet_star.png We need to protect our environment through sensible energy policy that is sustainable for future generations.

bullet_star.png The individual right to bear arms is a central part of the American tradition.

bullet_star.png We must be vigilant in protecting civil liberties for all Americans.